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As Your Partner


As your trusted advisor, you will clarify the issue. This will provide you with the activating insights and market intelligence to shape a business strategy that propels your vision forward.


As your access partner, you will connect to high performing resources. You will receive the benefits of the systems, solutions and deep network required to accelerate your vision.


As your action partner, you will create results, empowering your teams and customers.


As your accountability partner, you will catalyze your teams, aligning the mission to gain the momentum needed to sustain meaningful impact.

Our biggest challenge has been scaling our business for growth, and this is where Alice brings crucial expertise. In our time working together, Alice has helped us strengthen our team’s structure, identify gaps in services, and develop a better understanding of each person’s role in our business.  She provides an invaluable outsider perspective for scaling business, building a cooperative team, and managing challenges. She guides us to see new approaches.

Kerri Richardson

President & Chief Business Development Officer, C2 Strategic Communications

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